How Much Should Teenagers Know About Sex Education and Related Laws

When a person is accused of sex crime, he or she should immediately consult and hire a sex criminal lawyer. If a lawyer is not hired, the falsely accused may have to face long term consequences, due to serious allegations. This could also impact the life of the accused to a great extent. Only a professional and experienced lawyer can help you prove not guilty in the court of law and set your free of all the charges.

Without a lawyer, many who have been facing sex crime charges find that the natural bias and stigma of people is the actual issue. This is because society assumes that the accused of such a crime is guilty even without the trial.

The only method to save yourself is to appoint a lawyer. When you appoint a lawyer, he or she does everything to reduce your bail amount. Bail is the first thing that is approached for, because the trial period is very lengthy. However, before getting into this trouble, it is good that at a very young age children are made aware of that contains many aspects –

  • Age and consent necessary
  • Aiding and abetting
  • Protect teenagers and youngsters

Age and consent necessary

The age of consent is different in different countries and the states of the USA. In Massachusetts, it is 16 years. However, what people do not know is the when a sexual intercourse is defined as a rape. If a person is forced into any sexual activity, be it penile penetration or oral, it is considered as rape. Under Massachusetts law, alleged rape includes touching of vulva or labia and stimulation of clitoris or vagina without any vaginal penetration.

If a person is under 14 years of age, and is touched sexually like fondling of breasts, touching genitals over his or her underwear or grabbing of buttocks, then it would be considered as indecent assault and battery.

Aiding and abetting

This means when the crime is being held the other people who were watching it, but did not oppose are also considered as criminals, and are put under aiding and abetting. They might not be involved into it, but being present at the crime scene and not stopping it from happening is also considered a crime.

Protect teenagers and youngsters

It is necessary that parents pay extra attention to their children’s sex education, so that they know at a very young age what is right and what is wrong. Also, schools and colleges should make sure that students are educated about sex laws and their consequences if not followed, so that the threat is in their mind.

Here are some common types of sex crime that lawyers come across daily –

  • There are many victims who face charges that include child porn videos. Often those who are much into internet fall into such situations.
  • Sexual assault is another charge which is quite serious for anyone. This can be rape or molestation.
  • Statutory rape happens when a person above the age of 18 has a sexual relationship with other person below 16 years of age. Due to age gap, the elder person is accused of this crime.

We should always keep kids aware of what’s going around us, so that they are alert while interacting with other people and stay safe.

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