Tips to Improve Concentration in Maths

Mathematics is the study of quantities, numbers, measurement, magnitude, etc. along with real-life applications in every scientific field. The subject has its importance in every aspect of life. Although it has an importance in almost every field of life, this subject may be fearsome to many students due to lack of attention or concentration towards the subject. This problem is faced by almost every student.

The problem with many students is that they don’t know the studying methodology. They are generally marks oriented, rather than making their concepts clear.

Here are few tips to help students in understanding the topics that would help in improving the concentration in the subject of mathematics: 

(i) Practice More: “Practice is the key to success,” the more you do, the better you will understand. Also, anything done for the first time cannot be perfect. Even if you end up losing concentration while solving questions from difficult topics like Differential equation, , Calculus, etc. for the first time with prolonging practice, you will definitely have mastery on that topic.

(ii) Playing helps build concentration: Since everyone loves playing games, it is always good to make students study along with games. As we know the subject of mathematics is all about numbers and theorems, games such as crossword, jigsaw puzzles, uno, memory games, etc. can be played to improve the concentration on numbers.

(iii) Get proper sleep: Poor sleep takes a toll on everything, especially our memory. Having a proper sleep at night makes our body and mind function well. Thus, on a whole it helps in improving concentration power. Sleep is a key time for the brain to solidify the connection between neurons that help us remember things. As the subject of mathematics requires a high level of concentration in problem-solving, thus this can be the best remedy for improving concentration.

(iv) Make a time plan: It is a must to have a plan in mind. Setting up time accordingly can make you go through your maths chapters in an easy manner rather just practicing them in a haphazard way. As we know that the subject of maths follows a cumulative nature, i.e. one chapter may be related to the other, hence studying in a planned way makes a better understanding. For example, you can’t solve questions on without having the knowledge of algebra.

Also, it will lessen any distractions by increasing your drive towards your goal.

(v) Exercise and Eat healthy: Exercise helps to stay fit and also increases the blood flow and oxygen level in the brain, resulting in a good coordination between body and mind. Thus practicing yoga, meditation can help improve the concentration level for studies.

All these tips help to improve the concentration power and makes you focus towards the subject.

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