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Canada and Portugal Sign New Youth Mobility Arrangement

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship IRCC Minister and the officials from Portugal have signed a new bilateral Youth Mobility Arrangement between Canada and Portugal.

The arrangement for the youth mobility will be opening channels of exchange between the two countries’ young people. With this arrangement, the Canadian and the Portuguese youth aged 18 to 35 will be able to work and travel through the working holidays, international co-op and the young professional streams of the international Experience Canada IEC program. The youth of Portugal will be able to work and travel in Canada, while the youth from Canada will also be able to work and travel in Portugal.

The IEC is aimed at providing and facilitating the young people to gain international work experience and also to travel abroad. With the addition of Portugal, one more destination is added to the  partner countries and the territories which are available for the youth of Canada to acquire international experience from. There were several personalities present to witness the ceremony from both the countries.

The Canadian officials were pleased that they have reached to this arrangement and they have strengthen the relationship between the two countries. When the youth will get international experience, it will nurture them and would give them a chance to develop the life skills while improving the employability at home country. They will be able to know and respect the different cultures, languages and societies.

The Portuguese officials were very happy to have signed the agreement and are confident that this will have great impact on building people-to-people contacts to have a better understanding of each other’s cultures. They encourage their youth to take advantage of this great opportunity and nurture with it.

Canada and Portugal have seemed to enjoy a very strong relationship, which was founded on the common values. Canada serves as a home to Portuguese-Canada community having more than 480,000 Canadians coming from the Portuguese origin.

The working holiday was first initiated in 1951 which is a cultural exchange between Canada and Germany following the Second World War. After the success of the initiative, Canada inaugurated a travel and exchange program. Around 45 years have passed and Canada is still committed to keeping the cultural exchanges between the youth.

Around 200,000 Canadians have taken advantage of the work and the travel experiences which was to be gained through the International Experience . Many people have returned to Canada with amazing experiences valuable for both of their personal and professional lives.

There have been three categories announced under the program:

  • Working holiday participants will receive open permits allowing them to work anywhere in the host country and support their travels
  • The international co-op participants will employer specific work permits allowing the students to gain targeted experience relating to the field of their study
  • Young Professionals participants will be receiving employer specific work permit to gain the targeted work experience which is within their field of study of the career path

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