Both – native speakers and international students struggle with writing in English and every other essay, coursework, research project, term paper or dissertation assigned in the class turns into a real challenge to handle. Don’t worry, though. There are some simple tips that a student can take in order to boost his or her written English and improve academic progress. Remembering some basic principles for the college English assignment writing will enable one to craft persuasive and supreme quality papers, even when you’re under a tough time pressure.

#1 Expand Your Vocabulary

In order to express yourself in a clear way, a solid active vocabulary is a must. That’s not only about being able to translate a bunch of words – it means being able to properly use those words. You can do that by learning new words and use them in the example sentences – do not simply memorize a never-ending list of unknown words.

Tip: When you see a new word, make sure to learn each form of it together with the prepositions that naturally go with it. (For instance, instead of making the note of the word “count”, that with “to count on”, “a count”)

#2 Give Yourself Enough Time to Get the Writing Done

Without a doubt, this may sound quite frustrating to you – your number one goal is to write as fast as you can – but make sure to recognize all the demands that you put on yourself. Writing differs from speaking. When it comes to speaking, you can get some help from the person you’re talking to and the synonyms that you know. You can also use gestures to show what you’re actually trying to say. In the process of writing, however, you have no opportunity to use any of the options offered above. What is even worse, there are some expectations about providing sentence structure that is grammatically correct in the process of writing. In other words, it is going to take more time than you expected. You shouldn’t blame yourself for this. That’s the truth of life. Make certain to give yourself the right amount of time to cope with the writing.

#3 Get a Pal Friend

A pen pal is an individual that you exchange written letters with. “How can I find the best pen friend to boost my English?” you may ask. That’s not a problem! You can either exchange letters on the web, or via snail mail. If you’re into old-fashioned stuff, then writing a letter on a piece of paper can be really fun. Just imagine how romantic and exciting it is to hold a letter from the far-and-away land in your hands!

Tip: Making friends from all over the globe is a good thing to do, for sure. However, it is recommended to practice writing letters with someone from the UK, the US, Canada or Australia to ensure your

#4 Read Regularly

One of the best ways to learn to write in a professional manner is by reading. The point is that reading books of the English authors is useful in many different ways. By doing so, you will quickly get an idea of the most various writing styles and find out how to use the words and words combinations properly.

Tip: Make certain to select the articles or books that you find really interesting. The thing is that the learning process is not supposed to be boring. Ensure read every text twice or thrice in order to get the idea of how the new words and expressions are being used throughout the text.

Just Do It!

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